Precision Machining Dedicated to Quality Control

Precision Machining Capabilities

Precision Parts Machining with the End Application in Mind.

You’ve invested too much time and too many resources in the development of your product to take any chances with the quality and precision of its parts. You need to partner with a precision machine shop that takes quality as seriously as you do. Master Machine, Inc. is your partner for high-quality, precision machining. Trust our expertise, experience, and automated technologies to deliver your parts on time, within budget, and to your exact specifications.

Our shop can produce parts from most metals including aluminum and stainless steel. We’ve machined components for use in a wide range of end applications, from aerospace and defense to powersports and telecommunications. Whatever your particular project requires, partner with us for precision parts machining.

Milling & Turning

Precise parts require precision milling and turning capabilities. We’ve invested in dozens of CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers and lathes so we can transform a block of metal, casting or forging, into a custom solution that will work flawlessly in your product. Our automated machines operate on up to 4 axis and have a capacity of 64” x 30” in milling and 14” diameter by 36” in turning.


Our in-house deburring capabilities is an essential and regular part of our process. It helps us maintain tight tolerances on every surface of your parts so your entire order is completely uniform and ready for use in your end application.

Computer-Aided Machining

The latest computer-aided technology guides every step of our machining process, from design in our engineering department to meticulous inspections in our quality control department. Our entire process is automated and can be adjusted mid-run, which allows us to machine your parts with tight tolerance and maximum uniformity. 

Plating & Finishing

Plating and finishing help protect your parts from corrosion and prepare them for their end uses. We partner with plating and finishing experts to ensure your parts perform flawlessly in the field, even when under the harshest conditions.

Quality Control

Our commitment to quality and precision ensures your parts will meet your specifications. We have a dedicated and experienced quality assurance department that’s equipped with CMM machines that can analyze your part’s measurements across three axes. Our precision machining technologies enable us to inspect parts and make necessary adjustments mid-run with minimal downtime, getting your parts to you on time and on budget.

Assembly & Shipment

Don’t leave the assembly of your complex parts up to chance. Once your parts have been machined, finished, and inspected, we can assemble them and prepare them for shipment to your manufacturing facility. Our team has the expertise and experience to assemble your parts with precision.